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Our team of professionals with psychology degrees, international coaching practices, and years of first-hand experience in the entrepreneurial and business worlds is the backbone of ILC International.

With global backgrounds and through working with hundreds of people to date (including ourselves), we trust in the potential each of you holds and in the right you have to build resilience to the challenges you face.
Success, in all it's forms, is yours should that be what you want and we help you get there.

Why we do what we do? 
We have seen how high-potential can go to waste if it's not supported the right way and we want to change the world for the better - one drop at a time! In other words, our conviction is that human nature, supported in the right way, transforms into a catalyst for greater well-being and prosperity for all of us.

The need for significant change in how human talent and potential are enhanced, and psychologically strenghtened is evident to us. This is why ILC's founder created a practice that makes a genuine difference in the
domain of high-performers.

The company was founded in 2014 as sole trading practice in London, initially under the name “In a Life Coaching”, with a vision of not only help the discovery and realization of people's true aspirations but also with the aim to prevent burnouts, identity crises and health issues caused by stress.

Ever since we've walked side by side all individuals & companies that dared to explore new horizons in performance and continue to challenge ourselves to consistently give more value.
Born from a mission that hasn't changed throughout the years, we are stronger with each client we serve.

Valentina DOLMOVA

Val is not only the managing founder of ILC International, but a professional, truly passionate about bridging the gap between psychology, coaching and business. She understands the link, and true value that this provides to the performance, health and happiness of people.

Supporting entrepreneurs, and business achievers, her goal is for individuals, and organisations to experience both a significantly improved day-to-day reality as well as the joy of achieving results.

/Sessions available in Sofia, Bulgaria or London, UK; Online/

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurial/ Intrapreneurial Psychology and Coaching
  • Leadership enhancement and support
  • Career changes & transition periods
  • Organizational and social psychology
  • Resilience training


  • Ph.D. in social psychology
  • MSc in organizational psychology
  • BSc in finance & management
  • Performance coaching diploma
  • Post-Traumatic Growth with Positive Psychology certificate
  • 10 years of experience in IB and Cap. Markets consulting

Yanko BOEV

Yanko’s background is in engineering, guidelines, and standards development as well as project and team management. His deep understanding and appreciation of expert-heavy environments provide an exceptional insight into the mindset of leaders and achievers across this and similar domains.

Certified by the Silvia Richter – Kaupp coaching academy in Germany, he is passionate about working towards the growth and development of high-performers and organisations.
/Sessions available in Munich, Germany; Online/

Areas of Expertise

  • Motivation development (self and others)
  • Leadership coaching
  • Culture change & values elicitation


  • IHK Lehrgangs - Business Coaching - Silvia Richter-Kaupp
  • Clean language and Symbolic Modelling
  • Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching by John Mattone
Daniela Kissova's photo


Daniela Kissova's photo

Daniela is a specialist with more than 16 years of management and international business experience as well as a PCC qualified coach and much more. She focuses on enabling the successful management and facilitation of cross-cultural performance and has a deep passion for working with female leaders in demanding sectors.
/Sessions available in Sofia, Bulgaria; Online/ ...

Areas of Expertise

  • Deep transformational coaching to enhanced health, energy & wellness
  • Corporate social sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility & social investment
  • Team facilitation & communication
  • Diversity
  • Stakeholder engagement


  • ICF PCC Certification
  • Mentor in the International Academy for Deep Transformation.
  • Embodied Facilitator Diploma, Non-verbal Coach training, The Foundation of Embodiment
  • MPA, University of Toledo, OH.
  • BA in Political Science and Literature, AUBG
  • Energy Economics Postgraduate Diploma, University of World Economy, Sofia


Elena Khodakovska's photo

Elena is an all-rounded, serial entrepreneur with 16 years of experience across multiple domains. She is the founder of Miniboss Business School in Bulgaria, a qualified performance coach and much more.

With international and first-hand experience in cross-cultural businesses, communication, and start-up enhancement, she is an incredibly valuable mentor coach.
/Sessions available in Burgas, Bulgaria; Online/

Areas of Expertise

  • Small Business and Entrepreneurial mentor
  • Startup coach
  • Sales coach
  • Nutritional expertise in supporting wellbeing in stressful endeavours


  • Qualified Erickson Coach (PCC level)
  • Enneagram Practitioner
  • Master of transformation with 5 years of first-hand experience in the application and theory of positive psychology in business
Elena Khodakovska's photo


Filiz is a qualified ACC Coach, trainer and founder of Turuncuyaka. Currently, she is also teaching coaching and marketing at Bahcesehir University. Having spent many years in the corporate world, Filiz has seen how powerful coaching is in unfolding people's potential. She is passionate about helping others and her background makes her another one of our unique and well-rounded professionals who looks at business, education, and coaching holistically. On top of it, Filiz is PSYCH-Kacilitator who can provoke a deep transformation.
/Sessions available in Istanbul, Turkey; Online/

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Deep transformational coaching for enhanced health, energy & wellness
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Team facilitation
  • Corporate training


  • ICF ACC Certification
  • Co-active Coach Training at CTI
  • ICF Transformational Leadership Coach Training at TPCL
  • EMCC Executive Coaching and Mentoring Certification at TPCL
  • PSYCH-K® Facilitator & Master Practitioner, Health and Wellbeing
  • Training in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt
    PhD in Marketing
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