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We create positive ripple effects in your personal and professional lives through high-quality coaching, training, and human-centric consulting.


Who we are

Partners in crime and expert professionals, setting a benchmark in the world of individual and organizational coaching psychology, and performance enhancement. Our passion, mission and immersive attitude drives us to help people and organizations create success.

We are partners in crime and experts in psychology and coaching. Our team sets a benchmark in the world of individual and organizational coaching and performance management. The passion, mission, and immersive attitude we share are personal, and so is our delivery of services.

What we do

Companies, leaders, entrepreneurs, and ambitious individuals across fields hire us to help them grow beyond the numbers. We coach, train, and consult our clients. This transforms their thinking, the way they feel, and ultimately the way they show up in business and outside. Our solutions are always tailored and specifically developed in alignment with your best interest.
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Consider this

65% of start-ups fail due to human -
centric issues.
Conflicts, misaligned values, and burnouts are difficult, yet essential territory to roam and master.
We increase the probability of success.
Harvard Business School Research
Executives significantly overestimate their abilities to grow the potential of their people, rating themselves as above average while employees rank them at the bottom.
We help you align perceptions to skills.
Goleman's Research & HBR
100% of VCs use gut-feeling about people in their decision-
making models, having predictions that are not only unreliable but often wrong.
We can help you improve your processes and do things better.
Stanford University

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Quick reads made for you

When business is not always just business. Interview with ILC's founder Valentina Dolmova
March 28, 2023

"A business has to be about money at the end of the day. Otherwise, it's just a hobby...". What happens when it's much more than that and why do some people invest their souls as well as their financials in a venture? Meet Valentina Dolmova - the founder of ILC International. A business for individual and business coaching that has a deeper agenda than it may seem at first glance. Let's talk about the "broken healers" and entrepreneurs that go above and beyond in their missions.

February 17, 2023

"We learn from our mistakes but we can learn, even faster, from other people's mistakes". A saying, familiar to many. We put it into practice. This article is for grown-up kids. It will inspire you. It will remind you and encourage you. Age is a number. Fun is in the learning. We offer you six lessons on how to embrace the newness around you with more ease. And yes, we hope you laugh a bit.

Facing Fears & The Leap into Action: Alexandra Yotsova’s Journey
January 30, 2023

According to the Chinese calendar, we just entered the Year of The Rabbit. It embodies the energy of relaxation, quietness, and contemplation. The rabbit is a very gentle and clever animal. Unsurprisingly, we postponed introducing you to Alexandra Yotsova until now. Deep-thinker, highly ambitious (under cover), and very in-tune with her feelings, she presents her views on coaching as one of our brilliant clients. Find out more about the transformation from a housewife to a self-directed freelancer. Enjoy it and get inspired by this short-and-sweet interview.

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