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We create positive ripple effects in your personal and professional lives through high-quality coaching, therapy, and human-centric training


Who we are

Partners in crime and expert professionals, setting a benchmark in the world of individual and organizational coaching psychology, and performance enhancement. Our passion, mission and immersive attitude drives us to help people and organizations create success.

We are partners in crime and experts in psychology and coaching. Our team sets a benchmark in the world of individual and organizational psychology, coaching and performance management. The passion, mission, and immersive attitude we share are personal, and so is our delivery of services to high-potentials and hihg-performers.

What we do

Companies, leaders, entrepreneurs, and ambitious individuals across fields hire us to help them grow beyond the numbers. We coach, train, and consult our clients. This transforms their thinking, the way they feel, and ultimately the way they show up in business and outside. Our solutions are always tailored and specifically developed in alignment with your best interest.
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Consider this

65% of start-ups fail due to human -
centric issues.
Conflicts, misaligned values, and burnouts are difficult, yet essential territory to roam and master.
We increase the probability of success.
Harvard Business School Research
Executives significantly overestimate their abilities to grow the potential of their people, rating themselves as above average while employees rank them at the bottom.
We help you align perceptions to skills.
Goleman's Research & HBR
100% of VCs use gut-feeling about people in their decision-
making models, having predictions that are not only unreliable but often wrong.
We can help you improve your processes and do things better.
Stanford University

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Quick reads made for you

Revolutionize Your Business Behaviour: Unveiling 3 Powerful Sociological Tactics Employed by Experts
February 29, 2024

When looking for personal and career growth, "going back to basics", particularly scientific basics, is a sure win. This article invites you to enter the world of sociology and create success through three expert-level strategies that promise to elevate your business moves to new heights. From effective labeling techniques to the power of diversity, these insights will reshape and strengthen your existing approaches toward greater achievements.

Thriving in Flux: A Journey to a Life Defined by Flexibility and Adaptability
December 19, 2023

Embark on a captivating journey through the twists and turns of life with Elena Khodakivskaya, a woman of multifaceted roles, including a PCC-level coach, serial entrepreneur, mother, and more. In this interview, Elena shares insights into the transformative power of flexibility and adaptability. The goal is not to reiterate clichés but to explore the tangible reality behind these concepts, recognizing them not merely as buzzwords but as essential life skills.

The Complex Relationship Between Gratitude and Authenticity in Modern Life
November 21, 2023

As Thanksgiving approaches, we propose the radical idea of allowing ourselves to feel anger, discontent, unproductivity, and loss. A rather short but honest take on what gratitude looks like in the context of the lovely high-performers we work with.

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