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Partners in crime and expert professionals, setting a benchmark in the world of individual and organizational coaching psychology, and performance enhancement. Our passion, mission and immersive attitude drives us to help people and organizations create success.

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We work with entrepreneurs, teams, leaders and organizations on the aspects which go beyond numbers - the psychological enhancement. We enable them achieve not only their venture goals but to establish sustainability. Our specialty is getting high-performers to the ambitious levels up.

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65% of start-ups fail due to human-centric issues.
Conflicts and misaligned values are a difficult but exciting territory to roam and master.
Harvard Business School Research
Executives significantly overestimate their abilities of growing the potential of their people, rating themselves as above average while their employees rank them at the bottom.
Goleman's Research & HBR
100% of VCs use gut-feeling about people in their decision-making models, making predictions not only unreliable but often wrong.
There is a better way.
Stanford University
THE core

Our world-class team

Valentina Dolmova | Ph.D.
Entrepreneurial & Social Psychologist
Serving clients in: English & Bulgarian
Daniela Kissova | PCC
Leadership & Transformations Coach
Serving clients in: Bulgarian, English & Russian
Elena Khodakovskaya | PCC
Serial Entrepreneur & Mentor Coach
Serving clients in: Ukrainian, Russian & Bulgarian
Yanko Boev | Coach
Culture and Values Elicitation Coach
Serving clients in: Bulgarian, German & English
What we are best at

Our solutions

Individual COACHING
We offer personal sessions which are highly tailored, specifically designed to address your unique needs and support you in achieving the goals you have.
Entrepreneurial SUPPORT
Our entrepreneurial solutions incorporate the unique context in which independent ventures operate and the particular mindsets founders have.
We support you with tailored trainings, team interventions and by designing the organizational structure that best fits your needs.
We believe (and know) that at times a clear-cut, independent review of your current position, trajectory and strategies is beneficial.
Leadership COACHING
The executive & managerial coaching sessions are made to support and assist those individuals who face and deal with constant pressures and expectations from the ranking.
Our solutions for investors & VCs are acknowledging the gap in adequate assessment and support of the human factor prior, and after investing.

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ICF Chapter Bulgaria

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The place of coaching among Generation Z. Do those born after 1997 use coaching and what to expect in the future?
May 9, 2022

Young people have always embodied the spirit of the times of their societies, having a profound influence on trends and behaviours. We are not an exception. The question is - what does Gen Z, or as we call it “the first generation of real digital locals”, bring? What is specific about us is that we feel free to express ourselves, which brings a huge change to communication, relationships and ways of connecting. Adults of this generation, who recently have started their professional journeys, have different expectations and views as a consequence of all of the above.

ILC International's role in working with high-performers
May 9, 2022

In today's world, many people use coaching tools in their everyday life. Entrepreneurs, top managers, and even young people are making the decision to turn to professional coaches for personal development, leadership growth and much more. A big part of the coaching practice concentrates, quite naturally, on the so-called “high-performers''. ILC International has made its decision to focus particularly on the top tier of those people because we believe in the positive ripple effect that this has on society at large...

Collective stress and energy loss: Manage the piling anxiety
March 22, 2022

Since 2020, we've all been exposed to continuous stress. Our nervous systems are put under a lot of pressure and strain. Our quick guide is here to remind you of how meaningful it is to take good care of the most valuable asset you poses - yourself! We share simple and effective resources as well as food for thought and perspective in order to support you all. Enjoy, tailor away and benefit.

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