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does coaching really work in corporates

White-labelled research conducted in a London-based management consulting firm. Coaching sessions, with a qualified professional were provided to employees in the space of 3 months and results were measured...

build sustainable confidence

Confidence appears to be the "holy-grail" of qualities that distinguish the happy and successful from the unhappy and unsuccessful. Thousands of publications on the topic exist and yet... we are still searching...

the qualities of a great leader

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Simple and light worksheet to help you set your intention. Where focus goes energy flows and this is exactly what we are inviting you to do by using this free resource. Make this summer count!


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Netflix CEO's leadership transformation: a shift from autocratic to participative style.
Can an established leader change his/her style and transform the way they lead and relate to others completely? Reed Hastings' story might give us all interesting pointers.
September 15, 2021
Do you really need motivation or goal setting?
Motivation and Goal Setting are often treated as THE solutions to all evil in our lives. We must have the two in place and all will be well. Changing your life? No problem - set a goal and be motivated. In a world where we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, it is imperative to see both concepts for what they truly are and ensure we actually make the most of them rather than burden ourselves with them...
August 6, 2021
From "I am working hard" to "Am I working hard?" and back.
Do you question whether or not you are doing enough at work, or in the development and management of your business? In fact, do you secretly think that you are doing less than you should in comparison to what you know to be ‘hard work’? That’s a short read for you…
June 28, 2021
35 Quotes that can change your business life
Will cut right to the chase. Those are some of the most down-to-Earth and influential quotes on the true dynamics of business, and the prerequisite for success. They will inspire, teach and motivate you. Some may be provocative at times and shed light on things we haven't considered before...
March 23, 2021
The 3 winning pillars of leadership.
There is an inevitable level of subjectivity that makes the terms “leadership” and “leader”a little more elusive than we’d like them to be because that same elusiveness makes it also that bit harder to nail the exact ways in which one can become a leader and be successful at it. Nevertheless, this article is intended to clear this murkiness and equip you with strategies that you can practically apply.
February 16, 2021
From Technocrat to Leader
If you have been launched into a leadership role in your organization without any preparation whatsoever this article is for you. Whether you are a salesperson about to become a manager, a professor becoming a provost, or a lawyer moving to a partnership role...
February 16, 2021
5 Mindset Rules for Entrepreneurs
What are some of the key aspects that ensure success and continuity in entrepreneurship? That's the question we are trying to answer in a nutshell...
February 21, 2019
Comparing yourself to others. What you need to know about the realities of this dynamic.
We compare ourselves ruthlessly to the image of others. What they have, possess as qualities, how they look and even what we believe they feel...I’ve heard countless times how “so and so is going to the gym regularly, has their own start-up, travels, works in a company as well, enjoys a busy social life…” and what am I doing, huh?
February 21, 2019
Follow Your Dreams VS Be Happy With What You Have! A modern dilemma...
In our society, the “western world”, where the individual is important and there is a belief system that supports the existence of Captain America, Superman and Wonder Woman, we are often told that WECAN HAVE WHAT WE WANT.
February 21, 2019
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