Growing and expanding beyond the status quo of one's mindset. An interview-article with Veronika Stoyanova

September 29, 2022

Coaching covers a broad territory of problems, aspirations, and goals that people desire to address. From when they need focused support in personal matters to when they want to work with a professional who will help them climb the next metaphorical mountain top – there is always room for good coaching that produces results.

If you find the right coach for yourself, this mechanism can guide you and even challenge you to find your path in life or it can support you in gaining the confidence to reach the destination you have already chosen.

Speaking of "destinations", today we are making an important pit stop!
Along our ILC journey and moving toward the destination we have as a team, we met a client (and a friend now) who motivates and inspires us.

We are sharing the story of Veronika Stoyanova – someone whom we’ve had the genuine privilege to see growing, glowing, and transforming.

With a beautiful name that means “one who brings victory”, Veronika is the Head of the Finance, Administration and Operations department at CWP Global, a company in the renewables sector that is making a positive mark in the world. Even though she is quite busy (to say the least), she did make time for an interview conversation with me, for which we are all very grateful.

The fact that she found time is not exactly surprising, though. Veronika shares that this is her attitude towards everything in general – she is creative with the 24hrs we all have and always finds plenty of ways to enjoy life itself.

Her friends and family call her Roni. It has a ring to it, doesn’t it, and certainly captures some of the bright energy and enthusiasm that she carries.

Roni loves to travel, cook, read and so much more. If I have to use one word to describe her it would be "colourful".

She is a charming and dynamic individual, who likes the rapid pace of life. But contrary to what you may think, she is not reckless or sloppy because of it, she is always on track - getting things done, setting high goals, and in the meantime caring about the progress of those around her.

"I love to see how people thrive and evolve", she says.

A mindset that she certainly solidified and developed even further as a leader of her current department. Her work is not all sunshine and rainbows, of course. She had to face a few challenges, especially at the beginning of her journey.

"When I was promoted and had to step up as the leader of the team at the time, I began to feel doubtful and questioned whether or not I am the right person for this position. Was it because of my qualities, circumstances, or something else? That's when I deliberately chose to work on myself and found coaching", she explains.

Veronika shares that the work with her coach helped her gain a better perspective on what this position really meant and to handle it as best as she could possibly do back then.

Being a leader, in any context, is as dynamic as any job gets and the challenges as well as root causes of hard times, change on a daily basis.

Veronika’s mindset is one of a fighter and she says, without a shadow of a doubt in her voice, that the nature of her job is precisely what helps her learn new things about herself every day.

Q: How did coaching change your perspectives on things?, I asked.

"The biggest impact is maybe when I realized that no one wakes up thinking that today things are going to get done in some particular way. I learned to search. To be more open-minded about the differences between people."

This is how she developed the leadership quality she considers one of the most helpful in her working environment at present – flexibility!

In her coaching sessions, she says that she "prefers to feel resistance". To put a frame around the problem and work dynamically inside of it. An interesting, and definitely a high-performing way to overcome obstacles, do you agree?

It seems to have ended up being the right way for her and beneficial for sure.

Letting all else aside, "only the fact that I actually decided to expand my team, hire great specialists, and had the confidence that I will manage it, shows the valuable effect coaching had on me!".

Roni says that she would encourage anyone to give coaching a chance, but also emphasizes and acknowledges the fact that it is extremely important that you choose a coach that is a good match for you personally.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is just starting to lead others?

Veronika believes that as a leader, one of the most important things is to CARE!

She cares about the people she works with and finds it vital to keep them all together when things get tough. She cares about the business, cares about people’s individual growth, and development…

Her advice is simply "Care!". Care about giving it your best, and let the rest follow.

From a person who doubted herself at a particular point in her career when facing a new, and exciting opportunity, she became the head of a department, who loves her job and truly cares about her team mates.

With all honesty, it is a genuine privilege to be a part of her journey so far and we can’t express enough the gratitude we feel as she lets us be there for it all, regardless of what the future brings.

Authentic, strong-minded, capable, clever, and brave - we hope you will meet her yourself. To wrap it up, Roni says:

"Walk tall or don't walk at all!"

One of her favourite quotes sums it all up. This reminds Veronika that sometimes all you need is the guts and confidence to keep going forward. Borrow those words of inspiration and ... walk tall, indeed.

You can reach out to Roni on LinkedIn.
She would be happy to meet like-minded individuals.

As for me, let me share some final words.
Meeting Veronika is not my "usual Tuesday". It was important and meaningful as a personal experience. I saw a person who is definitely full of life, ideas, and someone who above all seems to have challenged her own status quo when she started coaching. This impressed me the most. It's really hard work and she had taken it on. It was humbling and inspiring. I am hopeful that our paths cross again.

Thank you everyone for reading.
We keep improving.
Love and respect,
Viki Vechernikova and the ILC team.

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