35 Quotes that can change your business life

March 23, 2021

We'll cut right to the chase! Below you'll find a list of quotes that will inspire, teach and motivate you. Those items may be provocative at times and shed light on things we haven't considered before. Enjoy it and share the pieces which influenced you the most.

35 Quotes that change your business life!

1.     Be BOLD and FAIR at all times.
That's  the only combination that guarantees both success and integrity. Follow the principle the moment you enter the business world and never give up on it regardless of the fact that it may look like the loosing strategy at times.

2.     Learn to rely on YOUR OWN thought process and  conclusions.
Don't feel shy to share what you think, to justify it with vigour and to evenhave it torn down. You took a stance. That's a must in successful interactions - without it, there was no interaction.

3.     COMPETING means trying to become better than  others in a particular field of expertise.
Learn to compete without apologising for it and learn to  accept yourwins.

4.     There is no one coming to SAVE YOU, but...
there are plenty of people who would support you and cheer for you at different times. Cherish them. Appreciate them. Move on.

5.     ACT LIKE the person you want to be.
There is  nothing stopping you and it all starts with a decision.

6.     Remember that people want to SEE YOU STRUGGLE  because that makes them feel better.
They are NOT trying to tear you down but  to help themselves.

7.     Learn to be STRONGER than others and accept the  responsibilities that come with it.
Grace,tact, authenticity and willingness to take responsibility for decisions, plansand words you say are part of being ready to level up.

8.     Whatever you consistently repeat as a SCENARIO in  your head will materialise one way or another.
Weed out the common compulsion of indulging in tragic, sacrificial or dramascenarios.

9.     Books can be MENTORS if your environment cannot  give you the ones youneed.
It's a useful choice that aims at your progress, not at fitting into circles that won't support your growth.

10.  Being KIND TO YOURSELF means pushing yourself  while treating your attempts as you would treat the attempts of a 5 year old,  learning a new skill.
Don't give up, keep it low and keep practicing.

11.  The only true MEASURE OF SUCCESS is the answer to  the question"Did I do all I could?"

12.  HAPPINESS is not a "one-man-show".
Even  if you had all the money, success, love and health yourself, how canyou be  100% happy if those around you aren't?

13.  There will always be someone who tells you YOU SUCK.  
Accept that. Improve if you think you should. Move on.

14.  If you are actively doing something and putting  yourself out there you will provoke CRITICISM.
No exceptions. Treat it as a sign of activity and a confirmation you arepushing forward.

15.  Remind yourself "I am NO BETTER OR WORSE than others".
You have the right to be in that meeting, to ask that question, to demand respect. You have the obligation to treat others fairly and grace them with patience.

16.  If have got to be ENERGETIC, switched on and  never stop having FUN, whatever that means to you.
Some talk about the 'inner child' , others about 'passion', third about 'loving what you do', but for us the bottom line is - try to strike a balance between being serious and not taking yourself seriously.

17.  You aren’t PERFECT - own it.

18.  Chasing HAPPINESS is like chasing an unicorn -  get a better goal inlife.
The moment you start frantically shying away from pain, difficulties, disappointments, rejection, or failure is the moment you know your goal is not compelling enough and you have set yourself for ...misery.

19.  Awareness of your MORTALITY could be a great  motivator.
What would you do right now if you have a month to live? A week? A year?

20.  STRONG WOMEN are both desirable and despised.
If  you are a female leader keep your boundaries very firm and rarely (ifever) combine personal  relationships with business ones.

21.  Make no EXCUSES in regards to your assets and how  you use them -it's part of the game called life.
As longas you are honest,  fair and trying to do good - the rest is "meansto an end".

22.  Being ARROGANT is bad. Appearing arrogant to  others is mostly their concern.
Learn to distinguish the two.

23.  CONFIDENCE is something you build with time,  experience and wins but you should not rely on it.
Work hard to have  substance behind your confidence and remember that confidence is a dynamic attribute.

24.  There are no SHORT CUTS no matter how much you  search for them.
"Quick fixes",  "quick money", "easy strategies”,etc. are never  the real deal, and they rarely stand the test of time.

25.  ENVIRONEMENT and circumstances shape certain parts  of us BUT...
they couldn't be an excuse for not reaching for the things we consider important to us.

26.  Choose your PARTNERS based NOT on what they could  provide to you but on what they are willing to sacrifice for you.

27.  Being DIPLOMATIC is a must have skill for women in business and a nice to have for men.
Accept the current differences and work on excelling.

28.  IGNORANCE is indeed a bliss but more than that -  if applied correctly it can be a success strategy.
Try to leave space in your mind for what you truly need to focus on. Too much information,too much tracking of your competition, too much fixation on trends - all ofthat is counter-productive. Keep it light.

29.  MIND-SET without knowledge and skill is called  delusion. Knowledge and skill without mind-set is called failure.

30.  DOORS open for you only when you are ready - not  a second before.

31.  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is the single, most  important factor in achieving anything.

32.  Personal development takes TIME and is a non-linear journey.
Get used to its swirls. You are doing it right. None of what you've invested time and effort will go to waste.

33.  Two things can coexist and completely CONTRADICT each  other - your feelings and your logical reasoning.
When that happens, accept  that both are true and take decisions based ona rule of thumb - 40:60 ratio  (feelings/reasoning).

34.  Sometimes we listen to ADVICE and know all too  well that we ain't gonna take it. Write it down nevertheless!
Have a booklet of  advice you didn't take and reread it at times. It will come handy when you  are ready.

35.  PLANNING is building.
Your experience to date does not equate to your future. It's a fraction and youought to put the rest of the puzzle together  yourself. When you plan andplay with the pieces you build your reality.

What are some of the lessons learnt in business that you'd love to share with others on their way up to establishing a successful, positive and influential career?

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