Revolutionize Your Business Behaviour: Unveiling 3 Powerful Sociological Tactics Employed by Experts

February 29, 2024

Sociology: the prism that you didn't know you need in your business behaviour

If you are approaching the subject of sociology with a hint of skepticism - don’t be too harsh on yourself, most individuals do the same. Sociology is a study that aims to demonstrate the interconnection between people as a society and individuals. It tackles the development, structure and functioning of groups, and comprises many diverse theories all applicable to the limits of certain conditions. At first glance, you may get the impression that sociology is merely a collection of varied and occasionally conflicting ideas and ideologies. Then, how can any of them be beneficial at all, let alone in business context?

At my very first lecture on the subject, I was definitely pondering the exact same thing, gazing with a dull expression at the professor, while he elucidated how sociology is more than a compilation of diverse and even opposing concepts. He said:

“We are puppets on a string, performing our social roles...
Sociology is what makes those strings visible and understandable.”

He was confident that sociology, if employed correctly and intentionally, could open many doors, and perhaps even assist you in creating new ones yourself.

As mentioned, I was personally filled with doubts about it and definitely felt uncertain.

Months later, after a lot of hours spent on an exceedingly extensive book on the subject, numerous lectures with the aforementioned professors, and countless stories read and heard, I reflect back and wholeheartedly acknowledge to myself (and others):

“Damn, he knew what he was talking about.”

Lifting the sociological veil over our lives is not merely a “suggestion” in case you find it interesting, but rather a necessity, particularly for those aiming to advance rapidly in their career. To help you get started on this interesting and crucial scientific path, let me share 3 fundamental sociological strategies to test in your own journey.

Strategy 1:
Labelling to your advantage - the positive and the negative

Labelling is something we encounter every day. Even though we don’t realize it, it shapes who we are and how we perceive ourselves. Labelling usually commences from an early age, when you exhibit a lot of confidence, or keen interest in learning, for example. Suddenly you become the “confident” or the “curious” child. It is also often used in a negative way when you pilfer something as a kid, and you become the child with an inclination for vandalism or stealing. We've all experienced this personally. You or your siblings might have been "the pretty one", "the clever one", "the resteless one", "the sporty one", "the little one", "the big one", "the lazy one", "the diligent one" and so on.

The question becomes this:
"If am branded as something and people treat me as that something, why not become it for real?

From the positive to the negative ones - all labels have an impact and they all shape people's behaviour and self-perception. Labelling appears harmless on the surface, but for a reason, individuals say that “words hold the greatest power.” When you are being labelled, you become what people perceive you to be. There is an expectation that we'll act in a particular way and we fulfull it.

How to harness labells in business for the better then?
Later, after hearing that theory, I stumbled upon a story from the entrepreneur Alex Hormozi.
He was seeking an investment for his next project and began inquiring about recommendations on who would be the best person for that. He received various options, but there was one person who everybody cautioned him about. That individual was considered greedy and scrougy, and it was pointless to even converse with him.Instead of selecting one from his list of excellent recommendations, Alex called the perceived “black sheep” and approached him with: “I heard that you were a very generous and bright person, so I wanted to ask you…”. Alex obtained the investment he needed faster than anybody else would have given it to him. That’s an example of how to use labelling to your advantage. Unfortunately, we live in a society where individuals are often being labelled unfairly, and they do not have many opportunities to alter that.

When you provide someone with the space to change their label, they often gladly seize it, and most importantly, they put extra effort into attempting to live up to your expectations - to live up to their new label! That's power!

Strategy 2:
You want to be part of them? Act like them.

“Fake it till you make it” is a mantra that operates in this precise scenario. When you were in high school and you desired to be a part of a certain social group, what did you do?You certainly didn’t apply with a CV and portfolio to join it. Instead, you began behaving, dressing, talking like the people in it. And before long, you find yourself seated at the same table with the “cool kids.”The same way you should approach applying for a position. Sometimes having the impeccable CV, outstanding education, and even extensive experience is still not enough. You have to earn people’s trust. Somewhere between researching interview questions and refining your CV, set aside some time to observe how people in similar companies dress, how they talk, and what their manners are.

If they recognize a piece of themselves in you, you are instantly a step ahead of everybody else.

Strategy 3:
Diversity means creativity

There is a prevailing misconception that every person should adhere to “their own kind.” Regardless of whether it pertains to age and gender or class and interests, to name a few, there are always various groups in society that form and bond based on common anchors. However, when it comes to work, allowing groups like that to stick together isn't the most optimal of ideas.

Break the confinement by stepping out of your social comfort zone. It can be a advantageous as well as liberating experience. Such a move permits you to break free from the expectations of your own group and explore new perspectives. With room to experiment and contemplate from different angles, you can find inspiration in those who are different from you.

Research has indicated that diverse teams are more adept at solving complex problems. When individuals from different walks of life come together, they approach problems from unique perspectives and propose innovative solutions. And yes, that might provoke more conflicts initially, but it will also contribute to the creativity and resilience of teams in the long run.

The next time when you have the responsibility to form a team, regardless of whether it's for a start-up project or your role as a manager or HR specialist, don’t permit yourself to search for the same type of people all the time. Sometimes the individual you find most peculiar may be precisely what your team needs.


At the end of this brief piece, I strongly encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself how frequently you have witnessed those methods, and how you have subconsciously employed them or been influenced by them.

It’s eye-opening how we encounter them almost every day; they shape our perception of ourselves, our capabilities, and the way we view the world. In other words - they aid us in noticing “the strings” and “the roles” we all play on this vast stage we call “life.”

The world of sociology delves way deeper than just those 3 tips, and if you ever decide to plunge into it, you certainly won’t regret it. Exploring social dynamics and structures provides you with an intricate understanding of the plays in society. You’ll commence observing the detailed components of the props, settings, action plan, and script that people utilize to fulfill their roles. You may even be able to predict how the plot will unfold, or create a brand-new one. Possessing this ability can be a game-changer in the business world and beyond.

Love & Respect
Viktoria Vechernikova
Content Creator and Social Media Lead at ILC International

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