Who is it for?
The individual coaching sessions are designed for those of you who are looking to achieve a particular goal(s), want to overcome an existing challenge, or are keen to approach your personal growth deliberately. This is a way of finding  support that expedites and improves the quality of your developmental journey. As long as you want to step up to the next level - this is a good place to be.

A typical session with us lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. Our coaches work together with you until a meaningful result is reached. This means that the duration is flexible and we will not interrupt you mid-sentence if the "time is up".

How does it work?
The approaches we typically apply can be based on:

• Pure coaching methodology
• Deep transformational coaching
• NLP and others

How many sessions are needed?
It depends entirely on you as an individual. An average clint uses between 6 and 10 sessions before taking a break. The frequency can vary and is adjusted based on preferences. Schedule a consultation to dicuss via

How much does it cost?
Our fee for an individual session varies based on the different packages available. The average fee is about 70 Euro
All consultations are free and we will share the various options.
We are committed to help.


Who is it for?
If you've always wanted to start your own business yet are unsure about your idea(s) and its merits, or if are considering changing your field of work, and want to start something of your own, but fear failure - we support and build on your vision. The entrepreneurial journey is a challenging one and makes all our hidden beliefs, values, and anxieties surface at once. You are not alone and we can make the growth at this stage smoother.

How is it different from individual coaching?
The approaches are similar but the experts that you work with are specifically selected to be people who have gone through the journey themselves. The benefits we aim to create for you are:
• Guiding you towards clear objectives that are truly meaningful to you
• Defining together specific steps that you would take
• Overcoming limiting fears and beliefs, while increasing your motivation
• Staying on track with your aspiration

If you have already started your business...
If you are already at the next stage and have a developed idea, you will begin to face a new set of challenges. From managing a small team to stakeholder engagement, client satisfaction and work-life balance, to name but a few, you will greatly benefit from having an independent supporter in your corner. We are here to deliver an objective, fully dedicated, honest, and knowledgeable space for brainstorming and further, smoother improvement.

Some of the results you can enjoy include:

• Establishing as a better leader
• Transforming your imposter syndrome and other fears into catalysts for success and growth
• Better aligning your professional aspirations to your personal ones
• Achieving higher goals

How much does it cost?
Our fee for an individual session varies based on the different package the client chooses.
The average price is 90 Euro per session. All initial consultations are free and we will create a tailored offer for your needs.


Who is it for?
We provide excellent team coaching and facilitation experiences that can strengthen the synergy and collaboration between members. It is an extremely valuable way of developing your teams. The service is great for any team of two or more people who want to look in the same direction and increase the quality of their collective experience, as well as their results.

Some of the benefits you can reap include:

• Joint, agreed, and accepted common vision and goals
• Understanding of differences and strengths
• Establishing better rapport and communication strategies within the team
• Expediting and smoothing the process of addressing interpersonal challenges
• Establishing a clear path forward as a team and as individuals

It is beneficial to decide on the number of sessions based on the specific requirements of the team. Unlike the individual sessions, this experience involves a lot of work on group dynamics and usually requires 6 or more sessions for consistent, positive results to start appearing in the outer environmentement.

How much does it cost?
Team sessions start from 130 Euro but the fee varies depending on the packages that have been selected. All initial consultations are free.

Grow yourself and your endeavours.
Today is the day to build yourself up. We will support and guide your progress, staying side by side through the challenges, helping you achieve your most valuable goals.
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