We support the development of specific strategies that help you achieve meaningful human-centric behavioral results. Our expertise allows us to guide your business towards better:

Corporate culture
Evaluation frameworks
Competency frameworks
Mechanisms for retention
Mental Health initiatives
In-house coaching
Approaches to fostering high-potential individuals
and more

All consultations are free of charge.


Our experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds dictates the presence of this service. We can act as part-time executors of key functions such as dedicated Chief Happiness Officer, dedicated executive coaches or long-term consultants on specific strategic projects. This saves management time and resources. Such solutions affect positively your bottom line.

Our professionals have a lot of valuable experience in current state assessments, optimization, and performance management, on top of their psychology and coaching qualifications. We also work with key partners such as ICF Global and ICF Bulgaria, Atelie Affect, and others to ensure we find the right professionals. You can count on us to truly engage with your needs.

The solution include:

• Developing strategic HR action plans
Assisting company transition periods
 Providing performance consulting & framework creation
• Enhancing organizational structures
 Acting as CHO

All consultations are free of charge.


Investors, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and even head-hunters all acknowledge the fact that they rely on "gut feeling" and personal touch when it comes to choosing the people that they want to trust and invest in. On many occasions, the same professionals express preoccupation with how to manage stress as well as conflict situations. We offer solutions that give you more reliable insights, and evaluations, to help to prevent fallouts.

We partner with organizations that develop interactive evaluations and have developed a platform for team cohesion based on sound psychometric testing. Coupled with our knowledge of coaching and psychology, we can increase your probability of success.

The benefits you can realize include:

• Higher success rate of investment in teams
• Overcoming an interpersonal or key individual challenge
• Better employee integration within teams
• Meaningful growth plans that actually assist professional development

All consultations are free of charge.

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