Who is it for?
Individual therapy sessions are designed for those who recognize a profound need for introspection, self-evaluation, and rediscovery. We collaborate closely with our longstanding colleagues at 'hOUR Therapy' to offer long-term support during particularly challenging periods. What's more, our in-house therapist is a proficient Gestalt-trained professional and a reliable choice. Moreover, we provide a range of options for company benefit packages and beyond, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to individual needs.

A typical session with our therapists lasts 1 hour.
The frequency and the overall duration varies based on the individual needs.
Note that therapy intervention is, on average, longer term than coaching

How does it work?
The approaches our selected therapists use are based on:

• Gestalt therapy
• Cognitive behavioural therapy
• Positive psychology
• Clinical psychology and others

How many sessions are needed?
It depends entirely on you as an individual and the type of support chosen. The frequency of can vary and is adjusted based on specific needs. Schedule a consultation to dicuss on

How much does it cost?
Our fee for an individual session varies based on the different packages available.
All consultations are free and we will share the various options via email.
We are committed to help and offer many ways for financial support.

Grow yourself and your endeavours.
Today is the day to build yourself up. We will support and guide your progress, staying side by side through the challenges, helping you achieve your most valuable goals.
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