We train and mentor:
- individuals and teams
- and deliver company-wide workshops and programs

With us, you will improve and build on your skill set and mindset. This ultimately enhances performance, fulfillment, mental health, and resilience. Each training is tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and end goals. You can choose from a set list of topics or tell us about your aspirations and we can advise on the best ways to achieve them.

Clients benefit from:
• Flexible means of delivery

incl. online/ face-to-face/ mixed methods; duration; frequency; location
• Access to great experts with unique backgrounds, hands-on experience, and perspectives
• Delivery in different languages incl. English, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Turkish
• Deep knowledge of social, organizational, coaching, and transformational psychology as well as the practical application of that in real-life and business situations

How much does it cost?
Our fees vary based on your specific needs and requirements. All consultations are free.
We will send an offer prior to agreeing on any terms and prices together.

Grow yourself and your endeavours.
Today is the day to build yourself up. We will support and guide your progress, staying side by side through the challenges, helping you achieve your most valuable goals.
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