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When business is not always just business. Interview with ILC's founder Valentina Dolmova
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Facing Fears & The Leap into Action: Alexandra Yotsova’s Journey
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To Make or Not to Make New Year's Resolutions? That is the question!
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The true face of coaching. An interview with Yordan Bradushev
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Growing and expanding beyond the status quo of one's mindset. An interview-article with Veronika Stoyanova
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Beyond the cliche of motivation with Veso Ovcharov
September 20, 2022
Everyone can teach you something in life. Some people you are meant to meet in person, others touch us through a book, a story, a picture. Today we hope to make a difference in your life by introducing you to Veselin (Veso) Ovhcarov. A pro athlete in the discipline acro-paragliding. He has broken two World Records to date, runs his own company and never stops learning. Veso will share his views on motivation and inspire you to dig deeper into the journey of personal discovery, and development. Enjoy the meeting and never say never going forward. In life everthig is possible.
Where landshaft, leadership and coaching meet. Co-founder and CEO Bilyana Lesidrenska takes you on a journey
August 3, 2022
Meet one of our clients. Co-founder, managing partner, landshaft expert, a leader and so much more. Bilyana Lesidrenska is sharing her experience of coaching and we are delighted to introduce you to the perspective of a true adventurer. She recently cycled through the challenging 800km of "Camino de Santiago" and gives a humble tip to all of us when we need a "pick me up". Find out more about her business, her journey and which songs she recommends you add to your playlist today.
Top 5 Movies & Series on Psychology and Spirituality to Watch
July 10, 2022
If you were looking for some good titles to watch on psychology and spirituality – look no further. Here are our current top 5 that will spark your critical thinking and help you find some of the missing pieces. From movies to TV series - we have it covered. Enjoy and keep going forward.
The place of coaching among Generation Z. Do those born after 1997 use coaching and what to expect in the future?
May 9, 2022
Young people have always embodied the spirit of the times of their societies, having a profound influence on trends and behaviours. We are not an exception. The question is - what does Gen Z, or as we call it “the first generation of real digital locals”, bring? What is specific about us is that we feel free to express ourselves, which brings a huge change to communication, relationships and ways of connecting. Adults of this generation, who recently have started their professional journeys, have different expectations and views as a consequence of all of the above.
ILC International's role in working with high-performers
May 9, 2022
In today's world, many people use coaching tools in their everyday life. Entrepreneurs, top managers, and even young people are making the decision to turn to professional coaches for personal development, leadership growth and much more. A big part of the coaching practice concentrates, quite naturally, on the so-called “high-performers''. ILC International has made its decision to focus particularly on the top tier of those people because we believe in the positive ripple effect that this has on society at large...
Collective stress and energy loss: Manage the piling anxiety
March 22, 2022
Since 2020, we've all been exposed to continuous stress. Our nervous systems are put under a lot of pressure and strain. Our quick guide is here to remind you of how meaningful it is to take good care of the most valuable asset you poses - yourself! We share simple and effective resources as well as food for thought and perspective in order to support you all. Enjoy, tailor away and benefit.
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